Patrick B. McGinnis, PhD, LMHC

Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, Couple's Counseling, Addictions Counseling, Psychological & Psychosexual Assessment and Polygraph Testing

Patrick Carnes
12-Step Addiction
Self-Esteem Part 2
Self-Esteem Part 1
Trauma and Grief
Couples Dialogue
Safety in Relationship

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Published Articles


Patrick Carnes Interview, Recover Magazine, Sept. 2002

bulletAddiction to Twelve-Step Programs?, Recover Magazine, Sept. 2002
bulletSelf-Esteem: Part Two-Gifts from the Shadow, Recover Magazine, April 2002
bulletNegative Self-Esteem In Recovery-Part One, Recover Magazine, Feb. 2002
bullet Codependency-Abandonment of Self, Recover Magazine, April 2001
bulletIntimacy In Recovery, Recover Magazine, Dec. 2001
bulletTrauma and Grief in Recovery, Recover Magazine, Oct. 2001
bulletThe Couples Dialogue, Center for Human Potential Magazine, April 2000
bullet Listening, Center for Human Potential Magazine, April 2000
bulletSafety in Relationship, Center for Human Potential Magazine, Oct. 1999


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