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Group Therapy

Groups are generally limited to eight to ten members, with the same people attending every meeting. Some groups ar4e focused on specific issues and some on personal growth.

Key Benefits


to help members learn more about themselves and the way they relate to others


to support members in changing those issues that they want to change


 to build self-esteem and confidence through experimenting with making these changes

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This can happen in a safe, mutually supportive and affirming environment such as group can become.

However, in the beginning the group probably won’t feel safe. Most members will wear the usual mask that they wear when feeling too vulnerable and unsure. This is normal and expected. Observe what mask you wear in the initial group environment. Take risks by revealing yourself, but be patient and gentle as well, for trying to make progress too fast may just reveal another mask.

Most people in our culture have been hurt in unique ways that are reflected in the way we feel about ourselves, and in how we function in our relationships. Self-discovery, and the choice to change (or not to change) can often be best experienced in a supportive group.

Most everyone will note that members will have many common relationship problems, and that everyone will have their own unique difficulties with some of the important relationships in their life. As these issues arise in the group you will feel less isolated and more supported. As the members become more comfortable with each other the group will become a safe place to relax defenses. Only when we relax our defensiveness can making true change in our relationship patterns be explored.

Any problem issue may be brought up in group, including: frustrations, crisis situations, confusion, sadness, anger, grief, etc.

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