Patrick B. McGinnis, PhD, LMHC

Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, Couple's Counseling, Addictions Counseling, Psychological & Psychosexual Assessment and Polygraph Testing


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My Philosophy


Why did I choose my profession?

Without a doubt, I was led to this work by a power greater than myself, but I had to make the choice and do the necessary work (training & experience). Looking back, I can see that I have traveled on this path all of my life. There were time when I resisted, when I was unsure, and times when I felt blocked but there actually was always movement in some way.


What is my purpose?

My purpose is to help other human beings to become more self-fulfilled more self-actualized. Sometimes during this process a person finds their life purpose. Without living one's unique purpose, life doesn't easily flow and is not as satisfying.


I have suffered in my life as many of my clients have with addiction, depression, anxiety and countless other difficulties; I want to help others who may still be suffering. I firmly believe the wise saying, "Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional."


I believe that people are all One - connected at a level beyond our understanding. Sometimes I am helped by others, and sometimes I am the helper. We all assist each other, knowingly or not. While there are many paths, they all lead to the same place.


A little history:

I came from a military family and we moved every three years. Every time we moved I had to start over making friends and finding out the "norms" of the new school. This was difficult for me as I was introverted and unsure of myself in the world. It seems that I was always labeled as being an overly sensitive child by my relatives because I was very empathetic. I loved reading and learning (not always what was being taught in school so much as what interested me - and what inevitably interested me involved possibilities). I always loved history, and eventually discovered philosophy, psychology and metaphysics. These areas of learning have served me well because to make deep changes it seems to me that one must understand where they have been and what influenced the choices/molding of who they became. Philosophy and metaphysics help us to be open to profound change, and psychological techniques make it possible to be much more then the person we have become; over time we grow more into our potential.


My mother died when I was thirteen (a major trauma that influenced all of my relationships with women until I began to deal with it). My father moved his family of three sons to Florida that year. During the Vietnam years, I served my country in the military. I married, had one child (a son), divorced, married and divorced one more time before I realized that I had issues that hurt all of my relationships.


In my late thirties, I determined that for me, like most people, a satisfying relationship was the one thing I wanted more then anything else. I was not equipped to have one with only my family of origin as a model. I began doing what I think all of should do, study what it is to have a healthy relationship and begin to learn what love is ... and is not. It seems to me that when people want to be successful at almost any other human endeavor, we study that subject or find a successful mentor to guide us; but when it comes to this singularly important facet of life we believe that we have the answers. The truth is that most of us do not understand relationships well enough to co-create a healthy one with the person we love. Instead we try to get that precious person to comply with an idea that we learned when we were children based on an ideal that probably did not even work for the very caretakers we learned it from. This is not sane if you think about it. Anyway, I eventually learned a better way.


During my young adulthood I worked fulltime and went to school when, and as,I could. It took me eight years to earn my bachelor's degree (a four year process for most). I discovered that I loved higher education so much that I have never fully stopped. I eventually earned two Master's degrees and a PhD.


I lived in the Lakeland area most of my life, relocating to Fort Lauderdale in 1990. I had been visiting Vero Beach since 1997 and eventually made plans to move here. I am pleased to have now moved into the area full-time. I hope to serve the Vero Beach community for many years to come.


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